Health, Safety and Environment

At Fluid Delivery Solutions, we are committed to not only complying with all Local, State, and Federal regulations, but we are also committed to going above and beyond compliance to create a culture of safety excellence. FDS is also committed to the management of safety, environmental, and health risks. FDS is constantly assessing the health, safety, and environmental risks to our employees, the community, and the environment in which we operate. The policies of FDS have been put in place to protect and support the safety and health of our employees, those directly and indirectly involved in our operations, and the communities in which we provide services. At FDS, safety policies are implemented and documented by a highly qualified and trained staff of safety professionals. Our safety policies and procedures are carried out and overseen by a company safety director and safety personnel in each region. Our objective is to achieve a culture of safety and health excellence that will eliminate the number of injuries and illnesses to an absolute zero. Our goal is to ensure that every employee returns home in better condition than they started.


At Fluid Delivery Solutions the safety and health of our employees is our primary concern. We are committed to providing each employee with a safe working environment. Each new employee goes through a safety orientation, along with on the job training and weekly safety training to ensure that all employees will work with a ‘safety first’ mindset. Working safely is a condition of employment at FDS. Safety programs have complete commitment by FDS Management.


Here at Fluid Delivery Solutions, we do not want people who will just get by. We expect our employees to be the safety leaders out in the field. Our people are taught to look after not only themselves, but the people around them. Our employees are empowered and encouraged by management to stop work for any unsafe condition.


Fluid Delivery Solutions has continuous ongoing training that every employee gladly participates in. We expect all employees to not only understand the risks involved with a task but how to manage and eliminate a hazard they may be presented with. Just a few of the safety programs that FDS requires employees to complete are Safeland USA, First aid/CPR, Smith Driver Systems, and an in depth new hire orientation training. There are many more on site and hands on trainings that each employee goes through. Our goal through this training is to educate employees to be able to deal with any situation that may occur.


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