Water Transfer Services

Fluid Delivery Solutions remains focused on delivering high rate and high volume fluid transfer services utilizing a variety of pipe types and sizes.

FDS’s experienced crews will design, implement, and operate a system for any variety of hydraulic fracturing set-ups, frac tank farms, above-ground storage systems, and impoundments.  FDS will also support drilling rig water requirements with a variety of poly pipe sizes.

During the transfer operation, fluid pumped at a constant rate equivalent to frac rate to ensure level tanks. FDS operations personnel will ensure tanks are at a steady level by effectively communicating with all of operations. FDS personnel will remain on location for the entirety of the fracturing operation observing safe operations and providing fluid delivery solutions that fit your needs. As applicable in winter months, FDS is experienced in maintaining consistent operations at sub-freezing conditions. FDS also offers pigging of underground or surface pipeline systems. If water filtration is needed, FDS will implement and operate up to 100 barrel per minute filter pod systems and appropriate filters. FDS’s team is highly experienced in fluid filtration and will work with clients to determine the appropriate method to meet the clients needs.transfer-picture-5


Fluid Transfer Services

  • HDPE Pipe (No Leak Solutions)
  • Lay-Flat Hose (No Leak Solutions)
  • Pump and Pipe Design and Configuration
  • Fluids Network Design
  • Pipe Manifold Systems
  • Excellent and Rapid Pipe Fusion
  • Centrifugal Fluid Transfer Pumps
  • High Head Centrifugal Fluid Transfer Pumps
  • High Rate Filtration Units
  • Highly trained personnel
  • GIS Mapping

Water Transfer Services PDF




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