Water Sourcing, Exploration & Water Well Drilling

Water sourcing is a complex operation requiring extensive preplanning and operational management to ensure water will arrive onsite in a timely and cost effective manner.

Fluid Delivery Solution’s water sourcing and management team has an extensive background in groundwater management, construction and flow production to support Energy needs in shale plays across the US.

We build customized solutions to guide our clients through the location, permitting and production of their groundwater and surface water resources. We leverage science and experience to create the most successful outcomes for complex water sourcing projects.

Sourcing Capabilitiestgws

  • Bulk fresh water and semi fresh water fulfillment
  • Water quality testing and monitoring
  • Resource acquisition and distribution partnerships


Scientific Exploration

  • Fresh and Brackish aquifer exploration
  • Groundwater production feasibility assessment
  • Geophysical electro-seismic aquifer availability assessment
  • Groundwater flow modeling


Water well drilling and construction

  • Water well drilling and pump installation
  • Source to pit poly construction
  • Remote Monitoring of water well grid production



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