Solids Separation Equipment Rental

TST rents equipment dedicated  to removing solids from fluids used in your operations. Our team has over 75 years of worldwide drilling fluids & solids/liquid separation experience. We Provide Highly Trained Personnel to Manage Your Drilling Fluid from Spud to TD Insuring a Successful Well and Minimizing Waste Volumes.   —Enhanced ROP —Longer Bit Life —Screen Wear Reduced —More Efficient Pump Operation —Less Wear & Tear —Less Build Up in Surface Tanks —Less Rig Time Cleaning Pits —100% of Recovered Fluid is Re-used —Dumping & Diluting Not Required Disposal Costs Reduced/Eliminated


  • Fit for purpose Dewatering Unit, designed specifically for Brine and solids free water based drilling fluid
  • Eliminates reserve pits
  • Continuous reuse of Brines or solids free fluid
  • Reduces solids volumes with dryer cuttings
  • Trailer Mounted, easy rig up, no cranes needed
  • 1-2 hour equipment installation
  • Automated system,  reduced “human error”
  • Onsite Fluids Engineer provided to manage your drilling fluids and operate the unit
  • —Enhanced ROP, —Longer Bit Life, —Screen Wear Reduced, —More Efficient Pump Operation
  • —Less Wear & Tear, —Less Build Up in Surface Tanks, —Less Rig Time Cleaning Pits, —100% of Recovered Fluid is Re-used, —Dumping & Diluting Not Required, —Disposal Costs Reduced/Eliminated—


Our system is controlled by the latest technology in sonar and light absorption sensors (also used by the US Military) which send precise measurement signals to the main frame computer adjusting feed pump flow rates, controlling the polymer feed, and discharging the sludge.

The system also provides a constant measurement of percentage of solids in and out of the unit, polymer is mixed automatically and to precise concentrations to insure reduced polymer consumption as well as constant and efficient flocculation. For maximum efficiency we have incorporated a fully enclosed polymer injector/operation room.


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