FDS Remote Monitoring

There are plenty of challenges in water-management operations.  The ability to know real-time tank levels is very critical to the drilling and completion process.  Keeping track of multiple pits, AST’s, and impoundment levels can be daunting.  Let FDS install equipment that will allow for remote monitoring of frac ponds, above ground storage tanks, and drilling pits with wireless technology.  Receive up to the minute fluid levels with a customizable reporting system.  Receive email or simply login to the FDS customer portal locate on the FDSLLC.com Homepage.


  • Report levels, location, history and demand forecast information 24/7 via online portal, FDS’s secure web portal.
  • No end user facilities required – data is transmitted by the 3G GSM/CDMA cellular networks.
  • No external power source required – unit is powered by internal, replaceable lithium-ion batteries with an anticipated life of up to 6000 callouts.
  • Engineered into a sleek, compact and weather-proof enclosure.
  • Access tank data 24/7 via PC, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Setup system form high alerts and low alert notification.
  • 15 minute installations.
  • View historical data and export to excel.
  • Durable equipment that can be used with fresh or flowback water and safe for AST liners.
  • Specific gravity adjustments can be made if flowback or produced water is being used.
  • Accuracy of +/- .5%


Remote Tank Level Monitoring PDF

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