Filtration Equipment Rental Services

FDS Filtration Equipment Rental Services

Rental of Fluid Delivery Solution’s single and dual pod filtration units are cost effective ways to clean most common oilfield fluids.  These trailer mounted filter units are simply connected to our rented pumping equipment. These units are operated by the pump operator so they do not require any additional personnel to operate. Designed for high rates and volumes that will keep pace with stimulation rates while still achieving proper suspended solid removal.


  • Stimulation Fluids
  • Produced Water
  • Fresh Water
  • Workover Fluids
  • SWD Injection Fluids

Feature & Benefits

  • Trailer mounted units for quick mobilization and easy maneuverability in and out of locations
  • Small location footprint
  • Pressure relief valves prevent overpressure of vessels
  • Ease of operation, can be operated by personnel already present on location
  • Units can be placed in series with bypass capability to ensure continuous high rate operations
  • Filter bags manufactured in USA and made of the highest grade material to offer excellent quality and efficiency in each bag

Technical Specifications

  • Micron filtration for the removal of suspended solids in numerous filtration applications.
  • Filter sizing can range from 1 micron to 200 micron depending on desired TSS removal.
  • Flow rates up to 80 BPM (per pod) with the ability to place multiple pods in series for increased rates and zero downtime with bypass capability.
  • Designed Max Pressures – 150 PSI
  • FDS has laboratory capability for requested analysis of TSS removal.
  • Let Fluid Delivery Solutions recommend the best filtration setup to achieve your company’s desired results.


Water Treatment Filtration Units PDF

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